Scale truly custom care workflows to your entire patient panel with one tool.

Make your practice’s digital tools work together so you can focus on the care that matters.


Give your EHR superpowers.


Create business rules to auto-tag patient records, build cohorts, and trigger care pathway enrollment.


Turn protocols into visual care pathways and add automation and bulk tasks to make the most of admin time.


With a FHIR foundation and EHR and HIE integration, power cross-platform workflows and replace 3+ IT systems.

Use Cases

MedFlow ties together all your systems to drive truly custom EHR-centric workflows. With template care pathways out of the box and a powerful visual tool to design your own, MedFlow operationalizes referrals, specialty treatment protocols, and more, tailored for your care organization’s unique needs and tech stack.

Preventative Screenings
Patient Intake
Hospitalization Response
Specialty Protocols

We’re aligning healthcare incentives so patients can get the quality, affordable care we all deserve.

Our Story

Our team believes that everyone should be able to access quality healthcare affordably. We’ve seen firsthand that payers and provider groups alike want to scale quality initiatives but are wary of implementing digital tools that add unsustainable complexity. So we built MedFlow to be the first population health tool designed by and for physicians to power impactful cross-platform care workflows. By scaling quality initiatives with less waste, our provider partners are building a more accessible, proactive healthcare system.