Value-Based Contracts Made Easy.

Performance-based bonuses are within reach for your practice. Understand your opportunity and risk in seconds without the IT implementation headache and earn new revenue without changing how you work.



Test contract terms to calculate your opportunity or sign on to existing performance bonus contracts tailored to your patient panel.


Understand at a glance how you're performing against VBC benchmarks, adapt to new terms, and identify patterns across contracts.


Find your patients most in need of personalized, proactive care with powerful semantic search.

Clinical Pathways

MedFlow supports the five most common behavioral health diagnoses out of the box, with easily customizable care pathways to suit your practice’s needs. Primary care practice groups and specialists use MedFlow to coordinate care and unlock payer incentives with simple point-of-care actions.

Substance Use Disorders
Sleep Disorders
Anxiety Disorders

We’re aligning healthcare incentives so patients can get the quality, affordable care we all deserve.

Our Story

Our team of physicians and technologists believes that everyone should be able to access quality healthcare affordably. We’ve seen firsthand that payers and provider groups alike are eager to adopt Value-Based Care but often lack the infrastructure to implement it. By simplifying Value-Based Care, we’re helping provider groups get rewarded financially for providing incredible care. The end goal is simple, a more equitable healthcare system for everyone.